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Unseen They Suffer, Unheard They Cry,
In Agony They Linger, In Silence They Die

Common Infections

  The Canine Parvo Virus or Viral hemorrhagic enteritis

The Parvo virus or the hemorrhagic enteritis is a very fatal, contagious and stubborn viral disease especially of young pups under 6 months of age. This is generally caused by a very tiny resistant Parvo virus present in the air soiled by other sick animals and hence is a highly potent contagious disease.


Young pups are the primary victims of this deadly disease. The symptoms are pretty distinguished and are the characteristic of this disease which are as follows:

  • The puppy goes off feed

  • It then start to become lethargic and body temperature then falls below normal

  • The consistency of motions begins to become loose with severe foul smell

  • The pup starts to vomit

  • Streaks of blood is then seen in the motion followed by vomit turning reddish with blood tinge in it.

  • The pup then involuntarily starts to pass motions which consists only blood and mucous.

  • The pup gets into dehydration and depression

  • The breathing becomes labored and heart beat becomes weak

  • The color of the gums and external skin becomes blanched.

  • Blood counts go up exponentially
Eventually the animal dies of cardiac arrest if the treatment is not given on time.

It’s mostly done on the basis of symptoms and a special serelogical test may be carried out if the kit is available.

The above mentioned disease requires immediate medical attention.

  • Intravenous antibiotics need to be pumped it

  • Lot of intravenous fluid therapy needs to be administered

  • Anti diarrheal drugs need to be administered.

  • Anti vomiting drugs needs to injected

  • Clotting medicines need to be injected intravenously to arrest internal hemorrhage along with vitamin K and other vitamins

  • The body needs to be kept warm at all times

  • The pup needs to be fed warm high protein soups and fluids forcefully so that the body can produce metabolic heat.

Timely vaccination against the disease is the only way out followed by booster vaccinations every year.

Canine Parvo virus is a very very serious contagious disease and fatal disease and the only way to avoid the dreadful is to get the pup vaccinated on time.