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Unseen They Suffer, Unheard They Cry,
In Agony They Linger, In Silence They Die

Welcome to my new Puppy


Here are some advices for his food, hygiene and first aid when you return home with your new puppy:-

  • It’s very important to give your pup his own place to in the house. he will need a quiet place and one may offer a basket with a soft rug or a cushion or a blanket.
  • Even if he looks sad and unhappy avoid getting him onto your bed unless you don’t mind sharing the same as he would get into the habit in no time
  • Put in his basket a piece of fabric which would have your odor.
  • All puppies enjoy soft toys and so will yours so get him a squeaky or a soft ball or an old tooth brush or a teething ring

You may indulge in giving your puppy a treat or two if he obeys your command but avoid giving chocolates and sugar. Most pet shopve tit bits suited for your puppy best.

Precautions to be taken

  • Home cooked food meant for us when given to a new puppy may cause indigestion
  • Puppies have a habit of nibbling at anything and everything so be careful of electrical wires and be careful to hide them
  • Stairwells and balconies represent a high risk of falls please be vigilant and never let your puppy venture out alone
  • Certain plants and herbs are very toxic and cause allergy to pups please take care and don’t let your puppy play around with them
  • Teach your puppy to walk on a leash soon, accidents are just waiting to take place
  • Insect bites are just too common with pups as they try to play around with them.bee stings are fetal and so are wasp stings ve careful and don’t let your puppy venture out in such infested places.


Gradually introiduce your puppy to other dogs and some of them may get jolous and turn vicious

How/what/when to feed your puppy

First few months are the most important months for growth of a puupy and till about 4`to 5 months pups need 4to five feeds a day depending on the breed.during these months the the feed needs to be whole some and nutricious enriched with protein,carbohydrates essential fatty acids vitamins and minerals.

A dog needs 130 kcals each day

We can broadly divide a puppy’”s feed into 2 categories a) Home made ,b) industrial

Home made:- this has an added advantage of being absolutely fresh if you can cook for your dog every day.broadly one may make a broth by boiling vegetables along with some bone less meat pieces throw in some soya and puleses. Vegetarian families may replace meat with either tofu or cottage cheese. One should always add a spoon full of vegetable oil and a pinch of salt to the both.

Industrial food:-its easy to dispense, wholesome, less messy and effortless to acquire. But one must make sure that the container is closed tightly as in humid and summer months they acquire fungus very quickly.

Carbohydrates (glucose and starch) provide enery.The liver and the muscles assemble them out of glycogen

Lipids (essential fatty acids) are necessary for the mantainence of skin coat and hair

Proteins are essential part of the food that takes part in the development of skeletons and nervous system.

All puppies so as mammals need to feed on milk in the first few months albeit some show signs of Lactose intolerance