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Travelling with Pets

Travelling with pets in India  

Traveling with pets specially dogs is a complicated process. There are no pet transporters in India. For More information, please visit

Indian railways allows pets to travel along with the passengers only in First Class and First AC. Else the pets have to be loaded in the brake van along with the rest of the cargo.

The only airlines that carry pets are Spicejet, Indian Airlines (Indian now) and Jet. Most of the other airline support staff  have a  tough time even understanding  travelling with pets.

Essentially there are two ways of booking your pet (any live animal) on a plane - as Excess Baggage or as Cargo. Cargo is a cheaper option but there are hassles involved, you have to book the cargo about 2 hours before the flight and can collect them only an hour after the planes have landed from a different terminal of course. Worse, even though you have paid and have all the necessary certifications (I would talk about them later in the post) you are still not sure that the pets would travel in the same flight as you do. There is a distinct possibility that the plane might be overloaded and the pets would have to travel on another flight only. So the safest and perhaps the costliest option is the Excess Baggage one.

Different airlines have different ways of calculating for a pet. Indian airlines has a standard excess baggage rate for different  sectors  that you are traveling  and they charge you twice the amount + taxes. Jet calculates as about 1.1% per kg of the base ticket cost for excess baggage. Now this seemed cheap earlier but its not - the base ticket price is not the price for which you purchased the ticket but the base price of the ticket as mentioned by the airlines (Essentially this the price that you would have purchased the tickets had there been no competition). The base price is around Rs. 14,000 for a ticket from Bangalore to Kolkata. This made about Rs. 160 per kg + taxes + some fuel charge of Rs 60 (overall, not per kg). Indian Airlines  is the cheapest option of Rs 160 per kg of excess baggage .

But  there are some procedures to be followed.

  • The pets need to vaccinated.
  • You need a certificate from the vet stating that these pets are fit to travel.
  • The pets should be kept in an enclosed crate (cage) which should have
    enough space for the pets to stand and move around freely.  Please note
    that some airlines are finicky about metal crates and they don't allow.
    Jet used to allow metal crates but no longer .It now  requires extremely costly
    fiber glass crates. The crate weight would be added in the excess baggage weight.
  • You need an absorbent material in the base of the crate.
  • And finally you need to muzzle and sedate the pet. The sedations are available
    with most vets and are available as injections or tablets. Injections are much
    better as they are fool proof. The effect of sedation takes about 30 mins. to
    take effect and last for about 4-5 hours provided the pets are not disturbed.
  Travelling with pets out of  India

Depending on the destination country one has to plan much in advance.Predominently  all animals leaving the country need  a microchip to be inserted which works as an identity.

One has to go to the regional quarantine office 48 hours prior to  departure  with animal and the cage for  getting an export certificate and  a fitness certificate.

Middle East and America don’t require any blood test to get a pet in.

To get an animal into Europe from India one has to get a rabies  antibody titre test  done from any of the certified serological labs.

Bottom line is that it’s a complicated and a long process which takes about 2 months of planning to get all the paper work in order.